Edison's Frankenstein


Life Toward Twilight

Bottle Imp Productions aIMP016 Modern Classical 08/03/2008

In a time when moving pictures were considered new and vulgar compared to the respectable plays of the stage, Edison Studios undertook the challenge to commit the first moving picture version of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. The intent of this version, as stated in The Edison Kinetogram was, “to concentrate its endeavors upon the mystic and psychological problems”, of Shelley’s “weird tale.” This innovative film of 1910, believed to be the first American horror movie, was lost from memory until a series of serendipitous incidents led to the discovery of the lone surviving reel from the hands of a collector in the 1970’s.

This new score has been composed by Life Toward Twilight in homage to those early pioneers of cinema who have transformed this once “vulgar” medium to the art form it is today.

Read more about the movie’s history.

This album is a compilation of tracks put together as a proposed score for the near lost Edison’s Frankenstein movie, filmed by Edison Studios in 1910.

Tracks 1 through 7: individual songs broken apart by changes
Track 8: extended version from the attack scene
Tracks 9 through 11: outtake tracks
Track 12: final mix synchronized with the film.

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01. Discovered the Mystery of Life (3:46)
02. The Evil In Frankenstein's Mind Creates a Monster (3:39)
03. Appaled at the Sight of His Creation (1:10)
04. The Return Home (1:35)
05. The Monster Sees Himself (1:16)
06. Bridal Night (2:19)
07. Overcome by Love and Disappears (1:09)
08. Attack (2:57)
09. The Monster (1:24)
10. The Mirror (2:08)


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