I Swear By All The Flowers


Life Toward Twilight

Bottle Imp Productions IMP003 Steampunk 04/20/2007

Life Toward Twilight’s “I Swear By All The Flowers” explores memories from the end of the Nineteenth Century through sound collage and gentle melodies. The album tells a quiet story, with an unnamed protagonist, exploring daily life, travels, and intimate moments.

Antique sources, including music boxes, ticking grandfather clocks, steam trains, wax cylinder recordings, early mechanical factories and old voices are our performers. An old detuned piano played by hesitant ghosts haunts the recording. A warm static stays in place throughout, a constant reminder of the technical hurdles of early recordings.

“I Swear By All The Flowers” is an unusual steampunk ambient recording meant to transport you to a different era.


01. Sleepy / Solitude (2:06)
02. Threnody to the quiet mind (4:06)
03. The theft of memory (3:48)
04. A trip to my beating heart (3:56)
05. Your eyes have their silence (5:40)
06. Of course, worlds collide (1:58)
07. Threnody to our time apart (5:02)
08. An Incoherent Lullaby (3:41)
09. We sing as the world dissolves (3:28)
10. Sunrise (2:52)


"A meditative echo of the past. Voices of a forgotten era recorded by the magnetic fields of earth. This is an experimental album you’ll play over and over, and then talk to your friends about."

— The Headphone Commute

"A charming but hesitant vintage piano performs in the foreground, but is gradually crowded with the noise of objects clanking and jingling together, as though spirits are trying to make themselves heard."

— Gothic Beauty Magazine

"...it takes you somewhere else; a little strange and jarring initially, but gradually you appreciate being there. A little treasure, all things considered. "

— Mick Mercer from mickmercer.com


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